Answer to what is basketball’s perfect shot

Question 1: What is basketball’s perfect shot?

It is a shot that goes thru the basket’s rim in the exact dead, center, and middle of the basket.

The rim is 18 inches in diameter and the men’s basketball is 9 inches in diameter. So the thing (basketball) that a person (shooter) is trying to put thru the object (basket;s rim)) is twice as big as the object you are trying to put thru it. The women’s basketball is 8″ 1/2″ in diameter so the rim is more than twice as big as the ball.

2 men’s basketballs placed side by side in the basket would not pass thru they would remain in the basket side by side. Two women’s basketballs side by side would pass right thru the basket without touching the rim.

So if the ball is perfectly in the dead, center, middle of the rim then that leaves 4 1/2 inches from the ball to the rim of the entire ball and entire rim for the men’s ball and 4  and 3/4 inches for the women’s ball.

That is why shooter’s should aim for the exact dead, center, middle of the rim (target’s bulls eye) as it gives them up to 8 and 7/8 inches for the ball to be off line and still not hit the rim. So a shooter can be off by 8 and 7/8 inches off and still not hit the rim with the ball.

Shooters that aim for just over the front of the rim and are an inch too short then their ball will hit the rim.

Shooters that aim for just in front of the back of the rim if the ball is a inch to too long then their ball will hit the rim.

This leaves both shooters less than inch or so compared to being able to be off 8 and 7/8 inches without hitting the rim if the shooter aims for the exact  dead center middle of the rim.

If you were using a bow and arrow and were trying to it the bulls eye dead center of the target with the arrow you would aim for the bulls eye, not just below the top or just above the bottom of the target………the same is for shooting a basketball.

Question 2:

How does a shooter know if they have made basketball’s perfect shot?

Question 3: What type of basketball shot is the easiest to tell if you have made the perfect basketball shot and why is it that it is this type of shot?

4. Can you tell if you have made basketball’s perfect shot on any made shot in an actual game?

Answers to Questions 2-3-4 will be posted in  a few days.