Should Warrior’s Draymond Green be allowed to represent the USA in the Olympics?

It was announced today online that Draymond Green of the Golden Boys Warriors worked out a plea deal where he just only had to pay a $500 fine and $60 restitution cost on a non-criminal misdemeanor assault and battery charge incident that happened earlier this month.

This coming after his poor negative role model behavior in the NBA playoffs.

Remember he kicked Steve Adams, center, of the OKC Thunder below the waist not once, but twice in the series with only flagrant fouls being called. Also, he had some other high leg kicks near the head and shoulders of other Thunder players.

Then after being warned after those instances that the next unsportsmanlike play called on him he would be suspended for one game, he pulled another dumb stunt in game 4 that caused him to be suspended for game 5 of the championship series of the Cleveland Cavs-Warriors with the Warriors leading the series 3 games to 1 with game 5 scheduled for Oakland.

However, without Green in the lineup the Cavs were able to regroup to win that game on the road and then win game 6 at home and game 7 on the road with Green in the lineup for both games 6 nd 7..

So what do you think? Should Green have been dropped from the Olympic Team;s roster after  the assault  incident following all his unsportsmanship acts in the NBA playoffs.

Does the USA need to win so badly that they could not have replaced him after the assault incident?

It appears Coach K. and the players seem to have welcomed him back with open arms. I guess that answers the question that they want to win regardless of what the cost, such as such a  negative role model Green presents to the youth of America.

I wonder if Coach Popovich of the Spurs was in charge like he will be next Olympic cycle would be so forgiving of Green for his negative actions on and off the court?

But these are just my thoughts. He certainly is not a positive role model for the youth of America.

As an old time former middle school and high school coach who still values good sportsmanship and for all players to be positive role models for our American youth by respecting the game.

I am extremely disappointed with the Olympic Powers to be with their decision. Enough so that I think I will boycott their games in the Olympics..

I say, YES.  he should have been dropped from the Olympic Team Roster because he is not a positive role model, but a very negative role model for the youth of our country.

What do you think? Should Green have been dropped from the Olympic team roster?