NBA could stand for “Nothing But Anything” in Draymond Green’s 2 kicks & 1 trip

After the NBA official administration decided not to penalize Warriors forward Draymond Green for kicking Thunders center Steve Adams in the groin not just once, but twice and ignored Green’s intentionally trying to trip OKC’s Enes Kanter after being put on notice that the next flagrant foul 1 or 2 would result in an automatic one game suspension in their Western Conference Final series………NBA could stand for anything like:

Nothing But Absurdity

Nothing But Absolution

Nothing But Accommodating

Nothing But Abstaining

Nothing But Acquittal

Not Being Ashamed

Not Being Alarmed

Not Being Accountable

Not Being Authortorian

Not Being Aggressive

Now Being Apathetic

Now Being Arrogant

Now Being Awful

Now Being Argumentative

Now Being Assistable

Now Being Acquitable

All these NBA terms could be applied rightly to the NBA’s decision not to suspend Draymond Green just because he is a star player and that the NBA office seems to want the Golden State Warriors to win this series with the Thunder so that they can have another big money championship Series against LeBron James and his the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The decision is especially “Nothing But Aggregious” seeing that they suspended a Cleveland Cavalier Player for one game for hitting an opponent in the same place with his fist in their Eastern Conference Final Series.

However the Cleveland player was just a sub and not a high recognizable and visiable name like Draymond Green..

In both kicks, Green stated that both  were accidental and certainly not on purpose.

It is all about the money, not being role models for millions of basketball players at all different levels of basketball throughout the country and the world..

Green’s unsportsmanlike and dangerous actions should not be tolerated by the NBA, the refs, his team, his coach, his owners, the warriors fans, etc. as he is just a very poor role model for the game of basketball in general. as they are just encouraging and contributing to his negative behavior.

The former NBA VP administrator who was in charge of making decisions in these situations agree with many NBA fans who think that Green should have been suspended for at least game 4 of this series.

Even worse was the Warriors coach Steve Kerr backing Green with the officials that the fouls should not be flagrant and that they all 3 were unintentional.

Well just follow the money for your answer to why Green was not suspended and only got a $25,000 fine.

However, the way that Green has performed in the Warrior’s last 2 blow out loses to the Thunder, 113-105 and 118-94 the Thunder would be better off if Green is on the floor and not suspended.

He might be considered the Thunder’s MVP in the last 2 games. Right now the Warriors are  minus 73 points when Green is on the floor and is just 2 for 16 from the floor in the last two losses, 10 turnovers and committed 6 personal fouls of which 2 should have been flagrant l’s or 2’s. All this in 69 minutes and 29 seconds of action. He also has been a defensive liability in trying to defend the more athletic Thunder big men.

Looking forward to tonight’s game 5 at 9:00pm on TNT-TV to see if the Thunder can close out the series or can the Golden Boys rally. If Green doesn’t play any better and continues to be the Thunder’s MVP, then Curry had better return and regain his normal level of play real quick or the Golden Warriors will not be Golden anymore.