Should the NBA add a 7th foul or the Old CBA No foul out rule?

How many basketball games are decided by who is on the floor and who is not on the floor because they are in foul trouble or have fouled out of a game at any level?

It has always made me ponder why a high school game of 32 minutes has 5 fouls before a player fouls out, a college game of 40 minutes has 5 fouls also and the NBA which is 48 minutes long has 6 personal fouls.

Seeing you have added 8 minutes to the college game and 16 minutes to the NBA from the 32 minute high school game wouldn’t it make sense to add a foul for each additional 8 minutes added from a 32 minute high school game.

So it would look this.

High School Game 32 minutes 5 fouls

College Game……..40 minutes 6 fouls

NBA Game…………48 minutes 7 fouls

With the addition of time in a game the more chances are that players will get more fouls called on them thus forcing them to sit or leaving the game permanently after fouling out.

Basketball is the only team game that a player is disqualified after committing a certain number of fouls or penalties that they are allowed to commit  until they reach a certain number and then they have to leave the game.

A good example of this is that basketball player who committed his 5th holding foul and has to leave the game, commits his 5th personal holding foul in football is still allowed to stay in the game. In fact., he could commit 20 holding fouls in football without the disqualifying penalty if his coach allowed him to stay in the game.

Holding in football and holding in basketball puts an opponent at about the same offensive disadvantage.

Instead of adding a foul for each 8 minutes of a game as I suggested earlier I would suggest the NBA, college and even high school to use the old CBA  (Continental Basketball League (NBA Minor League like today’s NBA Developmental League) no fouling out rule.

It worked this way, when a player received his 6th personal foul in a game and the coach removed him there was not an additional penalty. However, if the coach does not remove the player on the 6th foul or he returns to the game after being removed then the penalty is two foul shots and the shooter’s team has the ball for a throw in at mid court. Thus was the old two and the ball foul out rule that was used very effectively in the CBA and did not penalize a team or fans from having the best players being able to be in the game.

This rule would also be just as effective and good for the high school or college game also on the 5th foul. This rule would also take some pressure of the officials, the players and the coaches in their decision making in the game.

It would also add some additional strategy for the coaches of both teams.

For the offensive coach does he need the player on the floor for his team ot be successful? If he does then take him out for one clock start and stop and then return him to the lineup. Also. because if the opponents coach tries to go right at the player offensively one on one or post him up to make the player have to decide to either foul him and pay the 2 and the ball price or let the player go to the basket with the ball.

2 shots and possession of the ball, after the two foul shots is a big penalty, but a least the player is still in the game if his coach wants him to be. Better then having him sitting on the bench for the rest of the game.

If that is the case, then the player’s coach in the 2 and the ball situation may want to go zone defense in order to protect his player.

This certainly would add so interesting coaching strategies in this 2 and the ball situation.

So which way should the NBA go?

1. No change

2. Add a foul for each 8 minutes beyond 32 minutes

3. CBA Rule 2 and the Ball on the 6th foul (on 5th foul for HS and College game)