How the last 13.5 seconds of Spurs-Thunder game could have been called

Why is it that  NBA game regular season or playoffs is called one way for 46 minutes and then if it is a close game in the last two minutes it is not called at all like the first 46 minutes.

The 3 officials seemed to put away their whistles and it looks like they did not want to decide the game, but instead they wanted to let the players and coaches decide it.

Let’s look at the last 13.5 seconds of the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder game 2 playoff game last Monday night in which the Thunder won 98-97 in a very controversial last 13.5 seconds that the 3  officials swallowed their whistles and did not call anything that would have been called in the first 46 minutes of the game.

FIRST: On any throwin on the 2 sidelines or the 2 endlines the defender guarding the player with the ball out-of-bounds does not have to give the player 3 feet. The thrower in has to back up and take his own three feet.

SECOND: A delay of game call which can either be a warning or a technical foul on Manu Ginobilli of the Spurs when he broke the plane of the sideline with his left foot and his hands.

THIRD: Even if a delay of game call was made then the elbow push off by the offensive player would have been a flagrant 2 intentional foul on a dead ball and if a delay of game warning was not called it would have been an offensive foul on the player taking the ball out of bounds on a live ball,

FOURTH: Two Spurs players grabbed two of the Thunders players by the shirt which should have been an intentional foul or at least a personal holding foul trying to prevent the offensive players from being able to get free to get the ball on the throwin.

FIFTH: When the ball was passed towards Kevin Durant on the throwin after the right elbow to Ginobilli, the Spur player trying to intercept the pass made contact which knocked Durant to the floor, no foul was called on that contact which certainly gave the Spurs defender a decided advantage to gain possession of the ball..

SIXTH: On the air ball 3 attempt by the Spurs player from the right corner, the rebound was picked off by LaMarcus Aldridge, the Spurs center, on the left side of the basket near the block and when he attempted to leave the floor for what have been the attempted winning shot he was grabbed by his shirt by a Thunder defender. No foul  was called. It should have been a two shot foul. NO CALL GAME OVER.

The refs really let the players decide the game with 6 illegal plays that were not called. Any one of those six no calls would have possibly effected the end results of the game.

I’ll bet anybody who had money on this game was more upset with the no calls then the players, coaches or fans.

Interestingly enough, the NBA office admitted the officials missed those calls. But any team protest will never be heard, just move on to game 3.