Best Quarter (12 MINUTES) of Basketball I’ve Ever Seen in my 70 years involved with the game

I don’t want to jinx my favorite NBA team the San Antonio Spurs, who are the only NBA Team that I will watch during the regular season.

However, the first 12 minutes of their opening game of the semi final round against one of the most athletically talented teams in the NBA (THE NOTHING BUT ATHLETES) overall league WAS THE NEAREST PERFECT BASKETBALL THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE 70 YEARS INVOLVED WITH THE GAME AS A PLAYER, COACH, OFFICIAL,Radio-TV Color Analyst and basketball fan.

It was an unbelievable demonstration of basketball players playing basketball as they moved the ball relentlessly to the open man wherever they were open on the court. In the lst 12 minutes they shot 18 for 22 from the floor for an amazing 81.6 FG%.

They also scored 12 points on the fastbreak, committed only 1 turnover and had 15 assists of the 18 field goals they made for a 83.3%  assist to basket made ratio as they aced out to a commanding 43-20 lead.

Defensively they held the high scoring Thunder offense to just 20 points,

It was as near perfect 12 minutes of basketball that you will ever see.

The rest of the 36 minutes were just frosting on the cake in a game that the Thunder never got closer than 26 points after the first quarter.

The score at half-time was 73-40 Spurs lead.

No Spur starter played in the last 13:30 of the game as the Spurs ended up winning 124-92. The Spurs scored more points in 3 periods 105 then the Thunder did for the entire game,

Now this is only 1 game and the Thunder will probably regroup strongly and certainly it his highly unlikely for this series will go less then 6 games.

In my 70 years in this great game I have never seen as near perfect of 12 minutes of basketball players playing basketball and thoroughly out playing and out hustilng athletes playing basketball.

But like the Maine weather, if you don’t like it, just wait a minute and it may change just as this series could. 1 game near perfect as it was does not a best 4 out of 7 basketball  series make.

But for the moment I am going to relive and enjoy the most perfect 12 minutes of basketball I have ever witnessed in my basketball lifetime..