Why Don’t NBA Teams Use Junk Defenses to Try to Stop the Warriors Shooters

After watching the 3 Warriors 3 point sharpshooters hit 3 after 3 after 3 why hasn’t some NBA team tried something different to try to slow down the 3 point Warrior train.

Why haven’t some teams tried a junk defense box or diamond and one on  Steph Curry or a Triangle and 2 on Curry and Klay Thompson or a line and 3 on Curry, Thompson and Draymond Green.

The record breaking regular season won lost record of 73-9, Golden State was the only team of the 30 to shoot over40% from beyond the arc at 41.6%. The second team was of all teams the San Antonio Spurs at 37.5&

The Warriors took 36.2% of their FGA’s as threes averaging 13.1 made out of 36.6  3 point attempts per game. They took 87,3 FGA’s per game.

Curry shot 45.4%, Thompson 42.5% and Green 38.8% from behind the arc.


Teams will probably continue to play straight up man to man and can not shut down the offensive 3 machine then the Warriors will  only really have a tough series with the Spurs-Thunder series.winners.

The only team with a chance to beat the Warriors with straight up man-to-man defense is the league leading defensive team the San Antonio Spurs who gave up just 92.9 points per game. They also are the only team in the league to limit their opponents to under 20 3 point attempts per game at 19.9 on 6.6 makes for a 331 3 point shooting percentage. Also the Spurs are the only NBA team to allow under 20 fouls shots per game at 19.6.

So doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity and in this case it is basketball insanity playing Golden State straight up man to man with all the 3 point and offensive weapons that they have.

However, there is one reason why teams may not want to play a junk defense and that is because there is still one illegal defense left in the NBA Rulebook.

It states that a defender cannot be in the free throw lane, 3 second area or paint names for the 12 foot by 19 foot area know aslo as the bucket or the key.

A player can only stay in this area more than 3 seconds unless there is an offensive player within 6 feet of an offensive player.

Penalty: warning lst time it happens and a technical foul 1 shot for anytime after the warning. Ball goes to the offensive time after the technical foul shot.