Can NBA Teams Play Any Kind of Defense They Want to Now?

This post is for all the basketball fans who are currently watching any of the NBA playoff series.

Now that teams have been allowed to play zone defenses in the NBA for several seasons are there still any illegal defenses that cannot be played without a technical foul being called?

The answer is YES.

The NBA Rule Book states that the only illegal defense is if any defender remains in the free throw lane (PAINT) for longer then 3 seconds without being within 6 feet of an offensive player to guard. Remember the line is part of the free throw lane area. This was put in since 2007.

The defense is warned once a game and if a second is called the violation is one technical foul shot for the offense and anytime they violate the rule again in the game it is a technical foul..1 shot

On any technical foul in the NBA is put in play at the point of interruption that the violation was called, which means the offensive team keeps the ball for a throwin after the foul shot..

Although zones are legal this is one of the reasons that most NBA teams do not use zone defenses. The Dallas Mavericks under Coach Rick Carlisle, (former UMaine guard who transferred to Virginia at the ned of his sophomore year to play with Ralph Sampson. Carlisle who later went on to play in the NBA and has been coaching in the NBA since he retired as a player) has experienced probably the most with playing zone defenses in the NBA.

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