NBA Could Stand for “Not Basketball Anymore” or “No Brains Anymore” in Rockets-Warriors last 14.1 Seconds

I just finished watching the 3rd playoff game between the Golden (Without Curry) State Warriors for the 2nd consecutive game)  against “the almost blow the game Houston Rockets”as they had a 17 point led in the first half at home in a must series win.

After posting a Blog last week about “Villanova’s Championship Proves that Basketball Players Playing Basketball Can Still Beat Athletes Playing Basketball”, this game was just added proof.

GS cut it to 55-48 at the half and then it was close all the way until GS went on an 11-2 run by holding the Rockets to just 2-9 from the floor shooting and going without a field goal for over 3 minutes and 21 seconds.

The Warriors started the hack-a-Dwight (40% foul shooter) Howard and he helped the Warriors as he missed 2 foul shots going 1 for 6 for the game from the line. The Rockets finally take him out after the Warriors came down to score after his 2 bricks.

With the Rockets leading 95-94 on Beasley’s 2 free throws then after a GS miss the Rockets bring the ball up the court the ball goes out-of-bounds in the Rockets front court on the endline off GS.

The Rockets cannot  get the ball in and have to  burn and waste a time out. Then on the following out-of-bounds throwin and they have a hard time getting it inbounds again and turn the ball over on a bad throw in and the GS defender steals the pass and GS races down the court for a fastbreak go ahead layup to give GS the lead back 96-95.

Now Houston does not have a timeout left, so James Harden brings it up and drives the lane and hits a go ahead step back fade away (No NBA Travel)  jumper in the lane for his 35th point and give the Rockets the lead back 97-96.

GS calls timeout with 2.7 seconds left and because it is in the last minute of the game they get the ball in their front court after the time out at the three point line extended. The ball is thrown in to Draymond Green who starts to dribble before he catches the ball near where the ball was thrown in  and the ball goes off his foot out-of-bounds with 1 second left.

On the inbounds pass the Rockets again have trouble getting the ball in bounds with no time outs remaining and throw a cross court pass in GS’s front court which is almost intercepted, but just is out of the reach of the GS defender and a Rocket catches the ball and game is over. Rockets win, Rockets win, Rockets win after almost  giving the game away.

However, in the last 14.1 seconds there was 1 wasted timeout by Houston, 1 Rocket turnover, which resulted in a GS go ahead layup,  a go ahead fade away which would be a travel anywhere else but the NBA, 1 GS turnover and a cross-court pass by the Rockets which almost was intercepted near the GS Hoop, but it was just over the GS defender’s head.

Enough basketball panic and playing the game from the shoulders down that a well-coached high school team would never do.

Example 1. Houston didn’t get Howard out in time before the hack-a- Howard attack and he misses two foul shots which allows the Warriors to come down and score. Coaching from the shoulders up…get Howard out of the game sooner

Last 14.1 seconds of the game.

Example 2, When Houston couldn’t get the throw in they should not have wasted a timeout…..from the shoulders up  the thrower in should have thrown the ball off the defender guarding him out-of-bounds and get out of the way so that the ball does not hit him out-of-bounds. The best place to throw it off the defender is his shins then the ball cannot be caught by the defender and it gives the thrower in time to get out-of the way of the ball as it bounces out-of-bounds.

Example 3: After wasting the time out when the thrower in could not get the ball to a free teammate…from the shoulders up he should tried to throw the ball off the defender’s shin or have taken the 5 second violation and not throw the ball wildly in as he panicked and it was intercepted and the defender dribbled down the court for an  unmolested go ahead layup to put GS up by 1. If he had eaten the ball and a violation was called at least the Rockets could have gotten back on defense and not give up an easy go ahead layup.

Example 4: Everyone in the Stadium and watching the game on TV, of course, knew that Harden would take the last shot. But no, GS chooses not to play from the shoulders up and……..double team him and force him to give the ball up to a teammate, and make some one else beat you but no they play from the shoulders down him and play Harden straight up man and he hits a step back fade away (NBA  no travel) jump shot for the lead.

Example 5. After the GS Timeout. Green forgets… not playing from the shoulders up and make sure to catch the ball first before he attempts to start a dribble on the throw in after the time out and he dribbles it of his foot and it goes out of bounds with 1 second left.

Example 6. Houston then panics again on the throwin and…not playing from the shoulders up by trying to throe it off the defender guarding the player out-of-bounds, throws a panic  cross-court pass that is almost intercepted in front of the GS hoop which would enabled the GS defender time to get a shot off. Again should have bounced the ball off the defenders shins or thrown the ball to a teammate in his front court.

All those 6 things happened with just 14.1 seconds left in the game. All because the players or teams involved with each example above choose to play the game from  the shoulders down by not thinking before acting and not thinking from the shoulders up before acting.

More turnovers or almost turnovers then you would find in a bakery.

That is why NBA stood for “Not Basketball Anymore” or “No Brains Anymore” in tonite’s GS-HR game.

Definitely playing the game from the shoulders down like a lot of athletes playing basketball do.

Definitely not playing from the shoulders up, like basketball players playing basketball like the San Antonio Spurs over the years, the Villanova Wildcats in this years March Madness Championship Run and the Butler Bulldothey would hav edied on the operating of 2 and 3 years ago in their Final Four Runs.

Unbelievable, for the amount of money these Coaches and Players are making. If the last 14.1 seconds of this game was Heart Surgery, (the players who made those unexcuseable offensive and defensive mistakes), would have died on the operating table.

Thought I was dreaming and having a 14.1 second basketball nightmare, But  couldn’t wake up because  was already awake.