Why the NBA Should Widen the Court from 50 Feet to 56 Feet?

…………………………..Copyrite 2016 By Bob Cimbollek………………….

Have you ever noticed the NBA’s three point line by rule is supposed to be 25 feet from the backboard where the rim is attached to the backboard or 23’9″ from the enter of the basket.

But it is only 22 feet from the center of the 18″ diameter of the basket in each corner.

If it was 25 feet the 3 point line would intersect directly into the corner. Players could not shoot a 3 from the corners, without being out-of-bounds or worried about being out-of-bounds psychologically.

So why doesn’t the NBA just simply widen the court 3 feet on each side and then there would be room enough for players to shoot behind the 25 foot line from the corners.

With the money teams take in each season it would not cost much to widen the courts by 6 feet.

The NBA 3 point line is measured either From the center of the 18″ diameter basket rim and the 6 inch base that the rim is attached to so the rim is not directly attached to the backboard is 23′ 9″ or is measured from where the basket attaches to the backboard at 25 feet.

The NBA 3 point line is or 23’9″ or 25 feet except where the NBA 3 point line is 14 feet from the endline in a straight line so that the 3 point line does not go to the corner.

So if the NBA widened the court 3 feet on each side a player would have 3 feet in which to be inside the sideline so they would have room to take a legitimate 25 foot 3 pointer, not a shortened by about 3 feet as it becomes a straight line 14 feet from the endline the so that the players have room enough to be in bounds without worrying about being out-of-bounds to be behind the 3 point line. THE RULE BOOK STATES THE 3 POINT LINE IS 25 FEET. This is really deceiving when it is less then 25 feet from the 14 foot mark from the endline and is only 22 feet in the corner directly lined up straight to the basket.

Keep the length of the court at 94 feet and the court with the added 6 feet would make the NBA Court 94′ by 56′ not 94′ by 50′.

This is like having the pitcher’s rubber on the baseball pitchers mound to be in the ground at an angle not straight so depending on where the pitcher toes the rubber a pitcher could be 3 feet closer 57′ 6″ INSTEAD OF 60′ 6″ to home plate if he wanted to be, WHICH WOULD BE A BIG ADVANTAGE.

With Step Curry bombing away successfully breaking the record for 3 pointers in an NBA Regular Season with 402 and with many of them from 3 feet or farther from the current 25 foot 3 point line. If he shoots them from the corner with a 3 FOOT advantage he would be shooting at an even higher percentage.

However, he is the only NBA player who is shooting over 40% from beyond the 25 foot to 23’9″ 3 point line.

It’s time the NBA took a look at this to make the rule truly a 3 point 25 foot line from any where on their basketball courts.


Again a situation presented…a possible solution provided.

P.S. Also widening the court by 6 feet, 3 feet on each side of the court would also spread the players out more and possibly open the lane up more for dribble penetration and to be able to get the ball inside more.

This could reduce physical contact some with the players having to spread out defensively to cover the longer 3 point attempt from the corners.