15 Losing East B-C-D Quarter-finals Teams Score Less than 40 Points

Have you noticed how low that scoring for losing teams have been in the opening quarter-final rounds in the Eastern Maine B-C-D Tournies?

In fact, 15 of the 24 losing teams in the Eastern Maine Boys and Girls B-C-D tournies quarterfinals held at the Cross Center in Bangor all had something in common. They all did not score 40 points. 14 teams scored in the 30’s and 1 team scored in the 20’s.

4 scored in the 40’s, 4 in the 50’s and just 1 in the 60’s.

10 of the 24 winning teams scored in the 40’s, 7 scored in the 50’s and 7 scored in the 60’s.

No winning team scored 70 points.

The scoring was close for the boys and girls as the girls had 1 loss in the 20’s, 8 in the 30’s, 2 in the 40’s, 1 in the 50’s and the boys had 6 losses in the 30’s, 2 in the 40’s 2 in the 50’s and 1 in the 60’s.

The girls had 6 wins in the 40’s, 4 in the 50’s and 2 in the 60’s and the boys had 4 wins in the 40’s, 3 in the 50’s and 5 in the 60’s.

The scores should pick up in the semi-finals as all winning teams will have one game under their belts and should be able to adjust to the longer court and the shooting perception behind and to the sides of the baskets.

Is it the longer court?

Is it the different shooting perception and backgrounds?

Is it that the winning teams played very good defense. Or do the seedings hold up with the higher seeded teams in most cases hold up and the difference in team strength is the factor.

Could it be the pressure of the opening round and the first time some players have played in a tournament or in the Cross Center?

Could it be good defense?

Are the higher teams that much stronger then the lower seeded teams?

Could it be just plain poor shot selection?

Could it have been the foul shooting?

Could it be too many 3 attempts?

Could it be too many turnovers and not getting enough shots off?

Or is it a combination of some or all of the above factors?

Hopefully, it will improve in the semi-final games.