Spurs Redeem Themselves From Last Years Finals Loss

After 362 days the San Antonio Spurs (the only team I will watch in the NBA, the “Not Basketball Anymore or Nothing But Athleticism Leagues) redeemed their devastating loss in game 6 at Miami which cost them the NBA Title redeemed themselves by winning their 4 15 plus games over the same Miami Heat in game 5 104-87.

After trailing by 22-6 early in the first period they raced to a 47-40 half-time league and stretched it to 20 several times. They never gave up as they fell behind by 16 points and out scored the Heat 98 to 65 for the remainder of the game. They got this big lead with Tony Parker not scoring until the fourth quarter after going 0 for 10 he hit 7 consecutive shots in the fourth quarter to finish at 7 for 18 from the floor.

The Spurs showed the same resolve when Parker had to set out the 6th game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Eastern Conference Championship Final Game.

This is the same Spur team that beat OKC 2 games in a row at home and then lost 4 consecutive games to the Thunder in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals.

So after 2 disappointing seasons in a row in the playoffs the Spurs just demolished the big three James, Bosh and Wade in the 2014 finals. In fact, in game 2 if Duncan and Parker had made 3 of the 4 foul shots that they missed in game 2 within 9 seconds they would have swept the Heat in Four.

The Spurs who are the only NBA team that plays the style of moving and passing the ball with little one on one, they rely on playing from the shoulders up while the rest of the league prefers playing from the athletic shoulders down.

The Spurs are also very, very fussy about the character of the players that they draft or trade for. They look at character first, Basketball IQ and Decision making skills second, basketball skills third and athleticisim fourth and last, while the rest of the league does it in reverse.

The Spurs have basketball players who have high IQ’s and make good basketball decisions and the only true all around athlete that they have is Kawhi Leonard.

Also they look for international players as currently 8 of the 14 roster players they have are not Americans and 5 of them, did not play in college, Parker, Diaz, Belinelli, Spliter and Ginobill1. What other NBA team can compare with that? Add to those 5 Duncan, Mills and Ayers who were not born in the States but did play college basketball in the states.

International players overall seem to have better attitudes, are more team oriented, accept their roles better and have better character makeups, have higher Basketball IO’s which allows them to make better basketball decisions which allows them to get by with average athleticism compared to the American born athletic players on the other NBA Teams..

They have a system that does not rely on individualism but on team play. There are 4 I’s in individualism. There are no I’s in team play or system play.

Why doesn’t the rest of the NBA see these.

Also the Spurs big three have kept their salaries all under 13 million while other teams pay far more for their stars. The Spurs big 3 sacrifice their own salaries so that they can bring in better, higher character, team basketball players. That is why they have been able to win even though the ages of their big three is 38, 35 and 32 which averages out to 35.

How long will it take the other NBA teams to figure out the Spurs formula for success and copy some of the things that make the Spurs the only team in the NBA, who rely on team play, players willing to accept their roles, sign international players, run such an effective team offense that does not rely on much one on one play, rely on their basketball skills not their athletic skills and play the game from the shoulders up, not from the shoulders down?