Spurs Poor Foul Shooting COSTS THEM

Again, foul shooting wins or losses many close games. The San Antonio Spurs missed 4 foul shots late in the game as Parker missed 2 on a flagrant l and Duncan missed 2 shots. They lost 98-96 and if they had made 3 of 4 75% they would have a 2 game lead. All four shots were front rimmed. Not enough leg. Just like in golf putting if you are not up you are never in.

Better to be a little strong then a little weak.

The Spurs shoot just 12 for 20, 60% and that was your ball game. Duncan 4-8, 50%, Parker 2-4 50%, Leonard 1-2 50%, Green 2-3 66.7% and Ginobilli 3-3 100%.

The Heat were at 16 for 21 for 76.2% as a team. So despite James great performance if the Spurs hit their average for the playoffs and the season from the Line then they win the game.