Answers to basketball shooting test!!

1. Both feet facing straight to basket. Shooting foot lined up with center of rim and non-shooting foot even with the outside of the rim and 6 inches back from the front of shooting foot.

2. Dead Center of the basket

3. Ball flat on palm, fingers and thumb4. Using correct amount of leg depth (Correct leg depth is when you look down and cannot see your see because your knees are blocking the view of your feet)

4. Using proper leg bend depth (correct leg depth is when the shooter looks down at the feet they cannot see them because they are blocked by the knees)

5. Not getting enough leg depth into the shot

6. Ball hitting the rim and going in the basket

7. By falling forward towards basket and releasing the ball 2 feet from where the shot began at the 40% spot. Player should land 2 feet forward at 50% spot from original take off

8. Mark dots on foul line and around three point line the width of the correct squaring position and put spots on shooters sneakers in the center of their sneaker and have them match their spots on their sneakers to the spots on the floor and then you know that they are perfectly square.

9.Feet squared, legs bent and hands in shooting position to receive the pass

10. We want players to shoot 70% or better from the foul line which is 15 feet from the front of the backboard. For every foot going back from the foul line decreases the shooting percentage by 5 percentage points so that when you get directly behind the 3 point line you are at the 40% range which is what good high school 3 point shooters should shoot.

11. Ball that goes thru the basket dead center

12. Ball that bounces on the floor and comes right back to you so that you do not have to move to get the ball

13. When the legs are completely straight

14. 18 inches

15. 9 inches

16. 8 1/2 inches

17. 4 1/2 inches

18. index finger of shooting hand

19. thumb of shooting hand

20. middle finger of shooting hand

21. As soon as the shooter starts to bend his/her legs

22. Going after the ball goes in as soon as it hits the floor and the ball will go to the opposite side of the leg that leg depthed the most. Only time the shooter will not have to chase the ball is if the ball comes right back to the shooter on the perfect shot. Shooter is chasing own shooting mistake because it was not a perfect shot as it did not come right back to him/her. Both legs have to be bent exactly the same depth to get a perfect shot to have the ball come right back directly to the shooter

23. Doing the same thing on every foul shot

24. Take 8 seconds to shoot and the defensive players on the lane lines will step in to soon because the foul shooter takes 4 more seconds then usual, as usually the ball is shot in 3 seconds. Teammates must know the shooter is going to take the 8 seconds

25. backspin

Questions and scoring is on the original test sheet from last week.