Can You Pass this Basketball Shooting Test?

Here is an opportunity to check your basketball shooting IQ.

1. What is squaring?
2. What is the correct target to aim at?
3. What is the correct position of the shooting hand on the ball?
4. How does a player develop a “soft touch” in shooting?
5. What is the most common mistake shooters make?
6. What is “GARBAGE” in basketball shooting?
7. How does the 3 point shooter release the ball from the 50% range instead of the 40% range which is the 3 point line?
8. What is the “dots” and “spots” method for foul shooting and 3 point shooting??
9. How can a player get a quicker release on their 3 point shots?
10. What is the 5 percent per foot shooting percentage theory?
11. What is the perfect shot?
12. How can a shooter know if he has made the perfect shot?
13. When does the shooter release the ball from the shooting hand?
14. What is the diameter of the rim?
15. What is the diameter of the men’s ball?
16. What is the diameter of the women’s ball?
17. If the ball is in the exact middle of the rim when it goes in how many inches are around the ball from the rim at any point?
18. What finger should be in the center of the ball?
19. When the ball is released from the shooter’s hand what part of the hand should be above the shooter’s head?
20. What part of the shooter’s hand is the last to touch the ball when the ball is released from the shooter’s hand?
21. When should the guide hand be removed from the ball on any shot taken?
22. How does a shooter chase his mistake even if the ball goes in on the shot when practicing shooting?
23. What is a foul shooting ritual?
24. Late in a game what can the foul shooter do to get lane violations on the defense?
25. What kind of ball spin should there be when shooting a basketball?

Each correct answer is worth 4 points

93-100 Superior 85-92 Excellent 77-84 Average 70-76 Blow Average 69 and Below Failure

Answers will be posted next week.