Some Eastern MaineTournament Observations

Here are some 2014 Eastern Maine Tourney Observations from a player, coach, official, fan, and writer views.

Upsets galore in Prelims and quarter-finals

12 of 34 upsets more than one/third in Eastern Maine A B C and D prelims.

Biggest prelim upset ever as 16th seeded Jonesport-Beals over number 1 Washburn in Boys D

First time a number one seed did not make the final eight.

Biggest tournament upset was 8 Hermon over number 1 Ocean Side in Boys B

2 number 6th seeds in State Boys Class B State Final.

Some firsts for the new Cross Center First Eastern Maine Tournament:

The first 2 point basket made by Andrew Davis of MDI

The first foul shot made by Adam Richardson of Old Town

Player Observations:

Someday a player is going to sprain an ankle with all the jumping that goes into chest bumping when introducing players

Players  leaving their feet without shooting sometimes end up with a turnover because their teammates think that they are going tom shoot and turn their heads to look for the rebound

Players leaving their feet before the player they are guarding with the ball leaves his feet leads to fouls

Players blocking a shot before the ball leaves the shooter’s hands leads to fouls

Players do not take enough time to shoot at the foul line. They have 10 seconds.

Poor shot selection shows it’s ugly head in many games

Shooting Percentages for all 48 Eastern Maine B C and D Boys and Girls Tourney Games at the Cross Center were 37% from the floor, 64% from the line and 27% from 3 point land.

Best Player was Zack Gilpin of Hampden. He is a legitimate D1 player if he goes to prep school for a year. Odds  favorite for Mr. Basketball.

Players with the longest NBA Range shots made were Jake Rioux of Van Buren and Eric Hooptred of Old Town

Speaking of these two fine players, what would have happened if they had stayed at Hermon and not Transferred to Van Buren and Old Town?

Coaching Observations

Best coached team was Old Town by Coach McNormand. His strategy of using a box and one on Dan Savage of Caribou and C.J. Martin of Poland Springs really worked and neither team really had an answer for it. He made the other 4 players try to beat the Coyotes,

Old Town also ran more half court sets then any other team,  3 different man to man offenses with much success. The flex, 3-2 motion and the wheel.

They also went inside-out quite a bit and scored inside when the post player was not doubled and had open looks for 3;s if the post was doubled down on

Old Town is the first Eastern Maine Big East Conference team that dropped from A to B ever to win an Eastern Maine Class B Championship let alone a State Championship. First State B  Championship by a Big East B Conference  Team since 1993

Offiicals Observations

As usual more violations and fouls were called then in the regular season games.

Some Officials calling out of their PCA (Primary Coverage Area) in front of fellow official. Especially trail calling in front of lead or center calling across the basket line.

Some Officials not really knowing then difference between advantage and disadvantage.

Several county teams playing Eastern Maine Teams having 3 Eastern Maine Board 111 officials.and no official from Northern Maine Board 150.

Player control fouls should be renamed player-out-of-control fouls, because if they were in control of their bodies they would not run into the defenders.

Fan Observation

Excellent crowds and the fans were great. Excellent sportsmanship. The start of many great memories to come for the Cross Center.