Here’s how you can learn and improve basketball shooting skills

Self-teaching Book-“Basketball’s Simplified & Scientific Method Manual to Improve Perimeter Shooting Percentages”. 140 pages  with 315 illustrations and Pictures.

12 Simplified & Scientific Step-by-Step, Picture-by Picture, Word-by-Word  Shooting Fundamental Techniques. You can teach yourself to shoot correctly and successfully with this book.

ALSO, GREAT FOR PARENTS TO TEACH THEIR CHILDREN the correct techniques and fundamentals of shooting.

Cost $25 includes Shipping and Handling. Make check payable to Bob Cimbollek and send to 188 Howard Street, Bangor, Maine 04401.

Accu-Shot, the Shooting Target Aid: It attaches to the rim and gives you the correct target to be aiming for on each and every shot you taKe. The target you should be aiming at is the exact middle of the basket. Includes a booklet that explains the theory and reason for shooting for the middle of the basket.

Cost $15 includes shipping and handling

Make check payable to Bob Cimbollek and send to 188 Howard Street Bangor, Maine 04401.

Order both for $35 and get $5 dollars off.

Check and address as above.


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