My Basketball Blog Ends For the Season Today

Since November thru to today I have really enjoyed writing this basketball blog for the Bangor Daily News. It has been a very fast 6 months. In that time we have had over 50,000 plus hits.

Our biggest single day was on January 7 during the week of January 6 thru 11 when we had 4,245 views. This also was our biggest single week of the 22 weeks we were on the blog with a total of 5,609 views or hits that week.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all the basketball fans and people who took the time to view the blogs. I hope you found them interesting, timely and not to boring. I hope you found them as enjoyable as I enjoyed writing them.

My “Off the Rim” Column for the Tuesday editions of the BDN will continue until the NBA Season ends in Mid June. This coming week’s column has a local interest from the past and it will be the 30th column of the year when we started back in October.

I really enjoyed my 13 years doing the Radio/TV Color Analyzing for WABI Radio/TV. Working along with George Hale, Jon Small, Tom Winston, Al Hackett, and Bob Beatham gave me a chance to see the game from a very different aspect.

Then getting the chance to have my own Column and my own Blog for the BDN 3 years ago, has also given me another very different view of the game of basketball. I want to take this opportunity to thank Joe McLaughlin, the sports-editor for the BDN for this great and enjoyable opportunity.

I have seen the game as a fan, a player, an official, a Radio-TV Color Analyst and now as a basketball writer. I have been involved in the game ever since my father put up a hoop off our barn when I asked him to when I was 7 years old in the second grade.

So now after being involved in the game for 68 years, I still am as interested in the game as I was in any of the other facets of the game I have been lucky enough to be involved with.

Enjoy your summer. The LORD willing, I hope to be back Blogging again next November.

Bob Cimbollek