Basketball’s SLOWDOWN

NO, this blog post is not about slowing the game down to take the athleticism away from a more talented and athletic opponents.

It is about the slowdown of the basketball season. Now that high school and college basketball is down and completed the only thing left on TV to watch as far as basketball is concerned is the NBA (Not Basketball Anymore) Play.

The only team I will watch on the tube is the San Antonio Spurs as they are now currently in 2nd place with the best win loss record in the NBA and will right now have the home court advantage until if they meet the Oklahoma Thunder in the playoffs.

Last year the Spurs had the home court advantage and after winning the first two games at home against the Thunder they then lost four straight including 2 at home to get ousted from the playoffs.

The Spurs have more basketball players who play more basketball as basketball players playing basketball then athletes that are playing basketball and relying on their athleticism then their pure basketball skills of making good decisions and playing the game above the shoulders and not below the shoulders as most of the other NBA Teams.

Also, the Spurs owner does not tolerate any head cases on the roster. If they make a mistake in drafting or trading they get rid of the mistake as soon as possible.

Their head Coach feels the same way and that is why I feel that they are the really only good role model of a team in the NBA.

The thing that the hurts the Spurs in the playoffs is their age and the fact that the games are in series not just one game and on to the next game as in the regular season.

In the best of 7 series in all rounds of the NBA Playoffs also matchups are more of a factor then in the regular season as you are playing teams in a series not just one game and on to the next.

Opponents of the Spurs have a tendency to be able to wear the Spurs down because their better players, Duncan, Parker and Janoblia are older players and that teams pick up their defensive pressure in the playoffs.

However, I have been a Spurs fan ever since Duncan signed with them out of Wake Forest.

THey are always one of the top teams in regular season play, but have not been able to achieve the success they had when Duncan, Parker and crew dominated the league with 4 NBA Championships.

Right now if they finish 2nd in the Western Conference behind the Thunder (but the second best won lost record in the entire league standings) they may get the depleted Lakers who have won two straight after Kobe Bryant went down with that Achilles injury.

Looks like the Spurs will have to get by the Thunder again this year in order to move onto the NBA Championship series.