Coaching Decision & Giving Up Offensive Putbacks Cost Michigan Title

A coaching decision to play Spike Albrecht along with Trey Burke in the second half
could very easily cost Michigan the NCAA Crown.

Certainly Albrecht carried Michigan in the first half to a 12 point lead mid way through the first half with his outstanding play of 17 points as he filled in for Burke who had 2 fouls early in the game, one of which was on a three point attempt which was a very questionable call.

However, in the second half Michigan played Burke and Albrecht together for most of the 2nd half in which Albrecht did not score and only took 1 shot his first missed 3 of the tournament.

Playing both together, Michigan gave up size and quickness defensively and on the boards. Also, Burke never looked for Albrecht on his drives to the basket, so why was Spike in the lineup???????????

The second thing and probably the real reason they lost that really cost Michigan was their inability to keep Louisville off the offensive boards in the second half. After getting a several good defensive stops which hurried Louisville because of the shot clock with some missed shots they gave up way too many second chance opportunities which Lousiville took advantage of and really won the game for the Cardinals.

Louisville had 15 offensive boards to Michigans 7 and C. Behanan was the key as he had 8 and scored on at least 3 or 4 put backs at real crucial times.

Michigan defenders were more interested in turning to find the ball on the Lousiville shots then they were on finding their offensive man first and makeing sure to block them out so that Michigan could get the defensive boards and not give Louisville so many offensive boards and scoring put backs on missed teammates shots.

It is really deflating to get the successful defensive stops by having the offense miss the shot, but to give them as many second chance points as Michigan gave up especially in the second half of the second half is just to much to recover from when you go back on offense and then Michigan rushed their shots trying to get back into the game too quickly.

PLaying Albrecht with Burke and giving up so many second half points on putbacks was the demise of the Wolverines as the Cardinals flew right by them on their way to their 3rd National Title.