Baylor’s Women Coach Has the Intestional Fortitude to Speak Out About Poor Officiating

THe womens basketball coach of the number 1 seeded Baylor University the number one team in the country went bananas after her teams upset loss to 5th seeded Louisville.

I thought she was going to go bonkers, maybe she, when she wipped of her jacket after that call in the lane when a Lousiville defender fell backwards floping (which is an automatic technial foul or at least a no call) and the Baylor player with the ball was called for a player control foul, which disallowed the go ahead basket for Baylor and the shot in my opinion had left the shooters hand which means it should have counted.

In her post game interview she really went off on the game officials about the game being way to physical from start to finish. I have to agree with her on that count.

When a finesse team like Baylor is trying to play defense within the rules of the game and the other team is intentionally breaking the contact rules and make the game a game of basketbtbrawl it certainly puts the finesse team at a huge disadvantage,

The game is supposed to be called on advantage or disadvamtage for both the offense and the defense.

I really liked her postgame interview when she told the reporters not to blame her players in any way for the upset loss and that she took all the blame, that is a first class act by a first class coach.

Overall the officiating in the Mens and Womens “Big Dances” is just a little ahead of the playing.

However, there have been some real bad judgement calls. Take the Louisville-Duke Mens Game, goal tending called on Louisville on a ball that had not hit the backboard and seconds later a traveling call on Duke when the player was juggling the ball. You cannot travel unless you have control of the ball.

I always told my players that if the officials were having a tough game then it was our fault, because if we were playing better then they will officiate better. I have always thought that officiaiting is always an inch better then the level of play at any basketball level.

Also, ever notice that when the ball is going in on a regulkar basis the better the game is officiated?