Most of the CBS, TNT, TRU and TBS Play by Play and Analyst People are Clueless at Times!!!!!!!!!

I am so tired of hearing these so called over paid big time play by play and commentators not really knowing the game and its terminolgy.


calling player-control fouls offensive fouls

calling offensive fouls player control fouls

Calling blocks illegal picks, moving screens, illegal screens

Saying over the back is a foul when it is on the back that is a foul

Not knowing that there is no team control once the ball has left the shooters hands

Not knowing what a defensive players LGP is? (Legal Guarding Position)

Not knowing the difference between goaltending and basket interference

Not knowing that once a player obtains his legal guarding position, with both feet on the fkoor and his chest facing the player he is guarding with or without the ball, that they can move sideways on a player who is still on the floor before leaving the floor to attempt to pass or shoot and thinking that it is a block when it is actually a charge.

Not knowing that in college that the basket counts if the ball has left the shooters hand before the shooter charges into the defender in his legal guarding position

Not knowing that in college that a player going out of bounds with the ball cannot call a time out

Not knowing that any offensive player who runs out of bounds (especially on the offensive endline) cannot be the first player to touch the ball on a pass from the player who had the ball when the offensive player without the ball runs out of bounds a receives a pass

However, these so called big time TV personnel going on their names only should really read the rule book before doing these games, as they really show their lack of knowledge about the basketball terms that are in the rule book.

It is just like when I am officiaiting if the coach can’t tell me the real definition of a play he wants looked at, I just ignore him, because if he doesn’t know what the definition of a violation or foul is then I am not going to waste my time looking for what he is trying to describe.

Examples: Coach/ TV People says that player was over his back!!! So what over the back is not a foul, but on the back is.

Coach/TV People say watch out for that illegal screen, illegal pick or moving screen when it is a block and a team control foul…no shots.

Coach/TV People saying 3 seconds after the player in the post has received the ball and is allowed 3 to 4 more seconds to move towards the basket in an attempt to score. If they pass or dribble the ball out after receiving the pass before 3 seconds is called, then it is a violation of 3 seconds in the bucket.

Coach/TV People when 3 seconds is called and there is more than one offensive player is in the bucket, and they ask which one? I call six seconds, or nine seconds depending on how many are in the bucket for more than 3 seconds, then they don’t have to ask WHO WAS IN THERE??????

Coaches should read and know the rule book. They could really belp their teams and their players.