Picks for Tonights “Big Dance” Games….Boys was I wrong Yesterday!!!!!!

1 Kansas over 4 Michigan

1 Louisville over 12 Oregon

3 Michigan State over 2Duke

Upset special 15 Florida Gulf Coast over 3 Florida

Only one I got right ws Louisville, Kansas lost their game Michigan did not win it.

Florida Gulf Coast looked like they were just happy to be there, especially in the second hlaf and Michigan State did not show up against Duke.

Todays picks I had Syracuse over Marquette and Ohio State over Witchita State. But Ohio State’s shooting was “colder then a refereee’s heart”.

Ot “they could have ben in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a helicopter and try to throw the ball in the ocean from the helicopter and they would have ended up throwing the ball into the spinning blade”.

Craft was just 2 for 12 and gave up the ball without looking for his shoit often enough. However, give the “Shockers” there due as they are now just one of four teams ranked 11 (2) and 9 (2) including Witchita to ever make the final four.

THey have proven more then once that they are not a fluke. They could be like Butler and grt to the final game. Ask 8th seed Pittsburg, 1 seeded Gonzaga, 13 LaSalle and now 2nd seeded Ohio State.