Will Florida Gulf Coast’s Cinderella Run End Tomorrow Night?

FGCU had to win their Atlantic Sun Conference Tourney in order to gain a 15th seed and meet number 2 seed Georgetown, a perenial top 25 team yearly in all the big rankings at the March Madnesses “Big Dance”.

All FCGU did was beat North Florida, Stetson and Mercer teams that they had beaten twice in the conference regukar season except Stetson who they split with and beat them in their second meeting at Stetson at the end of the season.

They finished 13-5 in the 10 team Atlaantic Sun conference, finished 8-5 in Non-conference games and finished 3-0 in the Conference Tourney and with their 2 “Big Dance” wins over Georgetown and San Digeo State for a 26-10 overall record.

FGCU now meets big time Florida who is 3rd seeded in the Mid-West Region. This will be a big in state rival game with the have nots FGCU playing the haves Florida with a great NCAA Big Dance History winning 2 National Championships under Coavch Billy Donovan.

Personnel wise the FGCU has a little depth as they have 9 players who have played an average of 13 minutes per game or more.

They are lead in scoring by 6’4″ 200lb senior front court man Sherwood Brown who averaged 3 minutes per game, avergaed 15 ppg, shot 46% from the floor, 38% from 3 point land and 67% from the line. Second in scoring is 6’3″ 166lb Bernard Thompson who averaged 30 minutes per game, scored 14.5 point sppg, shot 47% from the fdloor, 38% from 3 point land and 66% from the line.

Chase Felder, a 6’5″ 205lb junior is the third double point figure averager averaging 28 minutes per game with 12.1 points per game, shooting 56% from the floor, 37% from 3 point land and 73.55 FROM THE LINE.

6’3″ 192 lb Brent Comer averages 27 minutes pere contest scores at 8.2 points per game omn 40% from the floor, 26% from 3 point land amnd 63.5% from the line.
5’10” Eric McNight weighing in at 210 as a sophomore adds 6.6 points per game on 20 minutes played per game, shoots 60% from the floor and 53% from the line.Christophe Varidel a 6’2″ 170lb guard as a junior shoots 37% from the floor, 35% from 3 poit land and 83% from the line.

They have good size, good shooting overall as they shoot 43& from the floor as a team, 34.9% from beyond the arc as a team and shoot 66.7% as a team from the line.

They averaged 14’9 assists pergame and 15.3 turnoverds per game and committs 18.7 personal fouls per game.

Although they will be a decided underdog against their big time Rivals the Florida +Gators, they have nothing to lose and all the pressure ias on the big time Florida program, so who knows, maybe they can win a third in a row and make it to the “Elite 8” on Sunday.

If we knew the results before the game, then it would be no fun to watch the game. Anything van happen in the “one and done Season” and the pressure is aleways on the high seed team espcially if they are a big time program that has been very successful. I’m rooting for the upsewt. Go Coasters catch and tie up those them “Gators”.