Upsets Have Demolished My NCAA March Madness Brackets

The 14 upsets of lower seed teams beating higher seeding teams 14 of them in fact, have demolsihed my bracketts for the NCAA Tourney.

Of the 48 games played I got 12 wrong or 25%. They were mostly caused by the upsets.

Here are the games I got wrong….Second Round… Oregon over Oklahoma State, Ole Miss over Wisconsin, Harvard over New Mexico, San Digeo State over Oklaqhoma, Temple over NC State, California over UNLV and Marquette over Davidson (Which Davidson should have won),Oregon over St. Louis, Witchita State over Gonzaga (Ugh that one really hurt), LaSalle over Ole Miss, Florida Gulf Coast over San Digeo state, and Marquette over Butler.

There were 14 seeding upsets. 11 in the first round with 1-15, 1-14, 1-13, 3-12’s, 2-10’s, 3-9’s and 3 in the second round 1-15, 1-13 and 1-9 all pulling upsets of higher seeded teams.

Currently the tougher bracket left is the East Region where the top 4 seeds are all still in. THe next is the Mid-West Region with a 1,2,3 and a 13 left. The next is the South Region with a 1,2,3 and a 15. The easiest is the West Region with a 2, 6, 9 and a 13 left.