I’m back!

After a three day absence from blogging I have returned with blogging withdrawal symptons.

I was busy over this past wekend officiating at Bill Libby’s Annual YBOA Girls High School and Middle School State Basketball Tournaments held at Lawrence High School and Middle School and at Waterville High School and Waterville Middle School.

I also was busy all week assigning officials for 66 games this past weekend’s event.

33 games on Saturday and another 33 on Sunday.

The tournament as always, was a great success, good attendance, good games and excitement.

Now it is time to get to basketball blogging which I will do starting tonight.

Much to blog about in the NCAA March Madness “Big Dance” Event. Also, still recovering from Gonzaga’s stunning loss to Witchita State.

I will be blogging about that game, the Florida Gulf Coast Upset wins and gaining the sweet sixteen, along with Coach J’s La Salle venture from a playin 13 seed game to the sweet sixteen, about Harvards stunning win over GT and Albanys excellent showing against 1nd seeded Duke, as well as showing that UMaine Men have the talent to compere successfulkly in the AE Conference because of their wins over Florida Gulf Coast, ther win over Albany and their 1 point loss to Albany in the quarter-finals of the AE Tourney..etc, as I get caught up on all the “Big Dance” March Maddness Events and Happensoings.

Alot to think about before putting the words and letters on paper.

Got to catch up on all the games and make sure I have all the scores and info correct before bloging the words out here.

Looking forward to doing it, as I had writers blog withdrawal from not doing any blogging since last Friday.

Hope you weren’t to upset and you might have missed my blogs just a little as I appreciate all the interested people who view my bogs and my “Off the Rim Column” in the BDN on Tuesdays.

Seeing you soon in todays catchup blogs.