Is the NCAA Selection Committee Watering Down the D1 NCAA “Big Dance”?

Is it all about giving more D1 players a chance to participate in the “Big Dance” or is it all about the money????????

The field of 64 moved to the field of 65 and then to 66 and now 68 as they have added 4 prelim games. The East Region has no playin game and the Midwest region has two and the West and South regions have one game each.

2 games are 16’s vs. each other,, 1 is a battle of two 13″s and one is 2-11’s.

Former Maine Head Mens Basketball Coach Dr. John G. is in a battle of the 11’s with his LaSalle team as they meet Boise State. This is his first “big dance” trip at LaSalle since he left Maine 9 seasons ago.

Some reasonable questions.

Why there is not one playin game in each region?

Why did they add 4 more teams?

Why did they have 1-13’s game, 1-11’s game and 2-16’s game?

Why didn’t they have 4 – 16’s games?

I think they did it this way as to get in some of the Teams in the lower majors that won the regular season conference title. but lost in their conference tournament which is the automatic qualifer.

Quite a few of the conference regular season winners did not win their conference automatic qualifyer and that was at all levels……… major, mid-major, major and low major.

When a regular season champ does not win the automatic qualifyer then he creates a problem.

Gonzaga, Miami both won their regular season and conference tournies and are number 1 seeds in their respective regions.