Now Comes the AAU, MBR, MB Nation, MAC and YBOA Seasons

Now comes the post season post season of AAU, MBR, MBNation, MAC and YBOA basketball. Now until the National AAU tourney in Orlandao in July most everyweek in March, April, May and June there will be basketball going on for these basketball groups. Teams and players from all over the state will be competing in these weekend games.

The coaching especially at the high school level is good, there is no parent interference. the players usually on the all-star type of teams at the high shcool level play with and against better competition then they do during their regular high school seasons.

These teams, players, coaches and parents will travel thousands of miles over the next few months seeking to have their players become better basketball players without the interference of the mpa with their sports season policy rules that limit the season that players can be involved with their high school coaches or facilities or equipment.

AAU basketball started in the early 90’s. I remember when my big 6’11” center Ken Rassi at John Bapst played for Coach Carl Parker’s all-star group and I always allowed him to put his AAU requirements and committments be it practices or games ahead of our summer program when there were practice or game conflicts.

I got the best of two basketball worlds. My best player got better playing with and against better competition and it also allowed our remaining players to get better and have to do more when he was not present for our summer games. We always developed another player or two over the summer because of the time they got playing because Rassi was not available.

This worked for all involved. The players ended their high school careers on a 22-0 state championship B Title, Rassi received over 30 D1 scholarship offers and got his education for free playing D1 basketball.

This is what AAU can do if the player has the talent, work ethic and drive to get better and if their high school coaches encourage them put AAU basketball ahead of their summer basketball programs.

The top all-star teams in these groups and who play at the state AAU Championships are the most competitive high school basketball you can see in Maine High school Basketball.

If you are basketball fanatic, then there is plentyof great highschool age basketball to be played during the next 4 months.

There is also off season basketball programs.