Why Does AE Conference Play Championship Game at the Site of the Higher seeded Team?

Why does the American East Conference ranked 19th of the 32 D1 basketball conferences play 2 rounds quarter-finals and semi-finals at the site of one of the conference schools and then go a week and then play the final championship game at the site of the higher two seeded teams that make the finals?

I do not think any other conference in the country does this. IT must be all about the money the conference can make by having the championship game on ESPN-TV at noon on the following Saturday.

BY playing at the site of the home team it probably guarantees a bigger crowd then if the game was played at a neutral site. This year the quarter-finals and semi-finals were played at Albany, which Albany won both games.

The finals will be at @2 seeded Vermont as Albany is the 4th ranked seed.

Ah, D1 basketball, it is not about the players or the game , it is all about the money.