Change in D1 College BASKETBALL Recruiting for Today & Change in State AAU TY

There was a time back before the late 90’s that out of state D1 college head and assistant coaches would venture into Maine during the high school basketball season to visit and see posiblre recruits.

Now that has all changed and changed because of AAU Basketball National Tournaments. College recruiters can now go to the National AAU Tournaments in the summer at one site in orlanda Florida and see literally as many hiugh school players they want to during their open evaluation period.

That is why it is so important for Maine High school Players who have dreams of just making a team at the D1 level to make and play on an team that goes to the National AAU Tourey.

This is the way that they can get alot of exposure. Many times players are seen when playing while the recruiters are there to watch another player play.

College coaches today are to busy to take a trip to Maine duirng the basketball season to see one or two possible recruits. They just wait until the National AAU Tournament and there they get to see many players at one site and in a short period of time.

The word is out that this year the State of Maine AAU Tournament will not be run by anybody from Maine. It will be run at USM during the last of April and will be run by the New England AAU Association.

This is a major change since prior to this somebody from Maine has always ran the state AAU Tourney since the early 1990’s.