If There Are Any D1 Prospects in Maine They Need To Go To Prep School

It is that toime of year again for juniors and seniors who have just completed their high snasketball seasons to think about their educational and basketball futures.

If there are any Maine high shcool players who think that they are D1 college basketball prospects here in Maine as seniors or even as juniors then they need to think serioulsy about going to prep school if they desire to be an impact player at the D1 level as a freshmen or a sophomore.

If the players are juniors then they should think about reclassifying as a junior at a prep school to play 2 years of prep ball and if they have graduated as a senior then they have to go next year.

There have been no Maine players that went to D1 that became instant D1 impact players as freshmen or sophomores without going to prep school during the past 10 years or so.

Going to prepo school tells you some very important things: One if you cannot get a one or two year scholarship to a prep school then you are not probably D1 material.

The number of schools from the different levels of D1 will tell you what lkevel you really probably belong at.

The extra year or two gives you a chance to grow, get stronger, and get used to the longer and tougher practices, the loner scheduleds and all the necessary travel it takes just to compete at the prep school level.

Many Maine high school players who go to a D1 college right out of high school end up being red-shirted.

Players should rememebr that the college scholarships are only for one year and you can lose your scholarship at the end of a season.

Also, players are only as valuable as the incoming recruiting class.

The most important thnig is to make sure that you get the education program you want first and then think basketball second, as no Maine high school players that have played basketball in high shcool in Maine has ever played in the NBA.

A thing that is important to remember once you enroll into a 4 year college that you have 5 years to play 4 years. So if you red shirt you cannot play the red shirt yeat=r., but must play the next 4 years.

If you transfer to another D1 college asfter red-shirting or not red shirting you have to sit out a year.

So if you red shirted and then transfered you would ending up with only 3 years of college eligibility left.

If you go to prep school, then go to a D1 school and red shirt the you will have 5 years of playing basketball. Much safer to go the prep school route as you will know if you want to put forth the effort to play at that level and you will know what level of D1 you truly belong at by the schools at the level that recruits you the most.