Is Tournament Home Court a Big Factor in State Games?

Well it certainly was this year as 2 of the 4 state champions won on the tournament floor where they held their tournaments. Falmouth in Class B defeated Medomak Valley at the CCCC in Portland, Penquis held serve at the Bangor Auditorium and Hamoden won over So. Portland at the Augusta Civic Center.

The only team that did not win on their home tournament floor was Central Aroostook as they lost to Forest Hills.

The MPA policy allows the visiting team 1 practice at the site of the state championship game.

The shooting backgrounds are all different at the CCCC, ACC and the Bangor Auditroium.

The mpa policy of alternating sites was a definite advantage this season as all three of the teams that lost had poor shooting nights from the floor, especially early in each of the 3 games.

There was a time when the mpa held the state championship games at neutral sites, such as the Old Colby Fieldhouse and the current Colby College Court.

Instead of alternating sites each year East and West why not hold the state games at a neutral site of the CCCC, ACC or Bangor Auditorium.

Examples: This year A could have been at Bangor, B at Augusta. C and D at Portland.

Then let each team have 1 practice at one site. Home court advantage for 3 games prior to the state game has got to be worth 6 points.

Considering the importance of the mpa’s “Fairness Policy”, this would really be fair to all involved to play all state championship games at a neutral site.