Special Strategies for Possible State Final Wins

Having picked CA, Penquis, Falmouth and So. Portland here are some strategies that could lead to my picks being wrong.

Class D Forest Hills vs. Central Arosstook.
Forest Hills slows it down and takes nothing but layups and foul shots and gets those shots by pounding it inside.

Class C Boothbay vs. Penquis
Boothbay should play a triangle and two on Lyford and Bess. They should let Bess shoot anything off the dribble and not let him catch and shoot. Also they should pound the ball inside.

Class B Medomak Valley vs. Falmouth
MV must control tempo and get the ball to Murray at the blocks not at the high post. Murray has got to get more shots off. MV must take high percentage shots and be paient

Class A South Portland vs. Hampden
Hampden should go triangle and one against Hyland and make the other So. Portland Players beat them. Also, Hampden cannot take So.Portland lightly as they have played a much tougher regular season and tournament competition.

Diamond and one might catch So. Portland by surprise.