How To Get Better Basketball Officiating!!!!!!!!!!!

Was it the level of play, the level of coaching, the level of officiating, the level of shooting skills. level of making good basketball decisions, playing the game from the shoulders up or from the shoulders down or a combination of all listed that provided for below average played basketball.

The better the game is played, with players making good decisions, taking good shots, passing first before dribbling, moving their feet and not reaching is the result of coaching.

The better the teams are coached, the better the game will be played and the better the officiating will be.

So when fans, coaches, etc. blame officiating, they really are blaming the coaching. as the better coached a team is the better they will play and the better the officiating usually will be.

I always told my teams that the officiating is always an inch better then we are playing. So if we want them to ref better all we have to do is play better.