More Than Bad Weather Keeps Tourney Attendance down This Year

Reading Ernie Clarks article on Tournament Attendance being doiwn for the eastern Maine Class B C and D Tournament Sessions from last year and that the site directors felt that it might have been the weather early on in the tournament, I think it was much more than that.

With this being the last year for the tournament to be held at the current Bangor Auditorium you might think attendance would be up on just that fact alone. But, it wasn’t, in fact it was down slightlly from last year.

I offer the following reasons why the attendance might be down from last year.

1. Economy, $8 and $5 is pretty steep for just 2 games. Also, expense of travel for gas, rooms and food is up.
2. The level of skill in the play is down again this year.
3. Top seeded teams getting eliminated in the prelims or quarter-finals
4. The class A Eastern Maine Tournament still being held at Augusta
5. Not as many local teams in the B C D tournaments.
6. MPA still not having enough separate boy – girl sessions.

There has not been any 2 game session over 4000 since Class A moved to Augusta in 2006.