Houlton and Lawrence Lose Leads and Eastern Maine Championships

Both Houlton and Lawrence led threw out most of their games against Penquis and Hampden. Lawrence lead for and out played Hampden for 27 minutes and Penquis came from 11 down in the fourth quarter to edge out Houlton. Houlton had dominated thre game up until the last haklf of the 4th period.

However, they changed defenses from man to man to a zone and that allowed Isaih Best to get some open looks for 3;s that he could not get against man to man with Bouchard right in his face.

Also, Bouchard only managed 10 points on 2 from 8 from the floor. Not enough shots for your best player to take in a championship game.

Also, Penquis was guarding Bouchard with a 6 footer and never really posted Bouchard up in the low block area to take advantage of the mismatch.

Lawrence had trouble converting at the foul line late in the game and also took some questionable shots when they were trying to run down the clock on each possession to shorten the game.

Lawrence lead 24-17 early in the 3rd period, but some questionable shot selection let Hampden back into the game.

Tough losses, especially for Lawrence as they were a decided underdog having lost twice to Hampden by double figure digits. Also, they outplayed Hampden and really it wasn’t the last second shot so much that beat Lawrence, it was poor foul shooting and questionable shot selection at crucial times in the game.

Was it Hampden and Penquis beating Lawrence and Houlton or was it Lawrence and Houlton beating themselves?