Class D Boys and Girlds Shooting Percentages thru Semi-finals

12 games 6 boyds and 6 girls.

Field Goal Shooting Percentages
Boys.. 40.% on 227-532
Girls. 38.9% on 230-604
Combined 40% on 457-1136

Foul Shooting Percentages
Boys…69% on 121-186
Girls..58.7% on 117-201
Combined 63% on 241-387

3 Point Shooting Percentages
Boys…34% on 53-155
Girls..44% on 46-105
Combined 38% on 99-260

Class D has the best shooting percentages of the 3 classes playing at the Bangor Auditorium

Classes B and D have played 12 games and Class C has played only 8 games with the C Finals today.

Above average shooting teams shoot 45% from the field, 70% from the line and 40% from 3 point land for high school basketball teams.

Also they committ less than 7 personal fouls per half, commit 12 or under toiurnovers and shoot 70% from the line.