Hodgdon Bites and Almost Gets Hooked with a Loss

Knowing what Easton did to upset Number 1 Jonesport-Beals on Monday, I cannot figure out why a much more athletic and talented team like Hodgdon would bite for the same bait and allow Easton to almost hook them as they ran a slow down offense that did not try to get layups.

When faced with this situation and knowing it is probably going to happen then the more talented and athletic team should press full cour tman to man and in attempt to speed up the tempo of the game. Sitting back and letting a team like Easton dictate the complete tempo of the game is flirting with disaster.

Have to credit Easton for trying to do the same thing two games in a row against moire talented and athletic teams. In fact, Hodgdon is probably the most talened and athletic team that was in the C Boys Tourney.

Easton was in the game right til the last shot. As they got that winning shot in the air at the buzzer.

Hodgdon was darn lucky to win this game.

Now they will meet Central Aroostook in the D Final Friday Night as CA beat Washburn 66-63 in overtime.