Central Aroostook Beats Washburn in Overtime 66-63

Central Aroostook got Mitch Worster and two other WB starters in foul trouble and they all fouled out along with CA’s best Player.

In a game dominated by fouls, Central Aroostook was able to outlast the 2nd ranked Beavers 66=63 in overtime.

I thought the game was being played in a hen house, because there were so many FOWLS.

There was absolutely no flow to the game. It was like a stream with just puddles, no flow at all was like watching a college game on TV where there is a tiume out called every 3 miniutes for YTV Timeouts.
Once coaches and players know how the game is going to be called, they have to adjust and thois certainly did not happen in this game.

In fact, one player missed an easy layup and then compounded the miss in frustration by committing a reach in foul immediatley after he missed the shot and then within a minute he committed his 5th foul. WB did a good job, but CA also lost their best player, Brewer via the foul plank.

So both teams had to play at least almost 7 minutes of the game without their berst players, so the supporting casts had to come thru and they did on both sides. The problem was more players fouled out for WB then for CA.