Hampden Rolls and Lawrence Gets By EL to East A Final

Hampden has defeated Lawrence twice in the regular season and now will have to do it one more time to get back to the State A game. Hampden rolled by Lewiston 65 to 35 and Lawrence upset EL 3 over 2 49-40.

Lawrence will have to play better than they did tonight and Hampden will have to play much poorer then they did against Lewiston or Mt. Aarat in order for this to even be a close game.

Unless, Lawrence decides to limit Hampden’s number of possessions by working for nothing but layups, which is exactly what Lewiston should have down, but failed to do and paid a big price by trying to play possession by possession with the Broncos.

To upset a good team like Hampden with the talent that Lawrence or any of the other Class A teams in Eastern Maine this season they had to take Hampdens Athleticicism away from them by going to a spread the floor or continuity offense and take nothing but layups.

Let’s see what happens. If Lawrence does that then they might have a chance for an upset otherwise if they play straight up it could be over early like it was against Lewiston.

Hampden only allowed Lawrence 12 points in 3 quarters the first time they met and Lawrence only scored 35 points and Hampden was in the 60’s.

THe second time at Lawrence it was closer, but Hampden won in one of the toughest places to play on the road in the state, let alone in Eastern Maine.