B Boys Semi- Final Tourney Picks

Todays Boys Eastern Maine semi-finals has two good games. PI and MDI and Medomak Valley against up start and upset minded Foxcroft Academy.

3 Big East teams vs. 1 KVAC B Team with a chance to get to the finals.

PI and MDI have met twice during the regular season with PI and MDI splitting both games.

Pick PI over MDI

Medomak Valley and FA did not meet in the regular season of course as they are in different conferences.

Momentum could favor FA as they have two upset wins over a 4th seded Oceanside in the prelims and an upset win over 4th seed Caribou in the Quarter-finals.

Murray will be a tough matchup for the Ponies.

Ponies streak to end asd Murray and Company go on to meet PI in the Finals.