Class D Quarter-final Games Shooting Percentages Better than Class B’s

The boys and girls in class D did a better job shooting percentage wise then the B’s did.

Boys D Field Goal Percentage 44% on 162 0f 364
Boys D Foul Shooting Percentage 71% on 98 of 138.
Boys D 3 point shooting percentage 35% on 35 of 100

Girls D Field Goal Percentage 36% on 142 of 394
Girls D Foul Shooting Percentage 58% on 75 of 130
Girls D 3 point shooting percentage 28.3% on 28 of 79

Combined Boys and Girls
Field Goal Percentage 40% on 304 for 758
Foul Shooting Percentage 65% on 173 of 268
3 point shooting percentages 33.3 on 63 of 199

Percentage of Field Goial Attempts for 3 pointers
Boys 27.4% on 100 of 364
Girls 25.1% on 99 of 394
Combined 26.0% on 199 of 758

The girls were lower then the boys in all three categories, but combined they still were better then the B’s quarter-final shooting percentages.

The basket is 10 feet high, the rim 18 inches in diameter, the ball 9 inches in diameter for the boys and 8 1/2 inches in diameter for the girls. The backboard is stationary.

The object the players are trying to put thru the stationary target is twice as small as the target or the target the basket is twice as big as the object the ball.

So what is the difference. Better defense in Class B, Better Shooting in Class D, a combination or just one of those days?

If you want to compare class percentages just go to the B’s Percentages on this Blog posted yesterday..