Eastern Class B Quarter-final Shooting Percentages

Here are the shooting stats for the 8 boys an girls quarter-final games to date.

Boys Field Goal Percentage 36%….115 for 313
Girls Field Goal Percentage 32%…111 for 378
Combined 34%…… 226 for 691

Boys Foul Shooting Percentages 60%…..99 for 163
Girls Foul Shooting Percentages 59%…86 for 147
Combined 59.5%…. 185 for 310

Boys point shooting percentages 27%….25 for 93
Girls 3 pont shooting percentages 20%…23 for 111
Combined 24%…….48 for 204

Percentage of 3 pointers of field goals attempted:
Boys 93 of 313 for 29.5%
Girls 111 of 378 for 29.5%
Combined 204 for 691 for 29.5%

All three categories are below average team shooting [percentagesfor for average shooting percentages for high school teams.
FG Percentage should be around 44%
Foul Shooting Percentage shoot be close to 70%
3 Point shooting shoulkd be at least 33.3%

Percentage of 3 point field goal attempts from total field goal attempts should be no more than 39% so both groups are just under 30% at 29.5%

And these are below average percentages so far

1. Poor Shot selection
2. Shooting background of Auditorium is different
3. Poor shooting fundamental techniques

Will have C and D Quarter-finals percentages as they are completed.

Would do Class A but do not have Boys Lawrence-Brunswick and EL-Messalonskke games or Cony-EL and Mt. Aarat Girls quarter-final games.

Would appreciate them if anybody has then or know of a soucre where I could get them.