Adding to Key to Winning a Tournament

I stated the other day in a previous post that the key to winning a tournament is to stay out of individual and team foul trouble.

Well we need to add another foul key to winning a tournament and that is when you are fouled and get foul shots you have got to make them.

Scoring while the clock is stopped is when teams can get back into games or can build up leads.

Foul shooting is the same for middle schoolers, high schoolers, D1, D2, D3, NAIA1, NAIA2 and the NBA.

You have 10 seconds to shoot, no one is guarding you, the basket is 10 feet high, the rim is 18 inches in diameter and the ball is 9 inches in diameter for the boys and 8 1/2 inches for the girls.

The target that foul shooters are aim at is twice as big as the object they are trying to put it thru and the target is staionary and so is the foul shooters feet.

Things that lead to poor foul shooting.
1. Not having both feet squared to the basket.
2. Not lining the shooting side foot in the middle of the basket line.
3. Not shooting for the middle of the basket.
4. Bouncing the ball, means thay players usuallly do not pick up the original target after they pick up the dribble.
5. Not taking enough time
6. Not having a foul shooting ritual
7. Fatigue, the more fatigue the more leg is needed
8. Not getting enough leg into the foul shot
9. Not having the palm of the shooting hand and fingers flat against the ball
10. Not releasing the ball when the legs are straight
11 Not practicing foul shooting correctly