Conference Championships Should Be Played To Win

Noticing that in Eastern Maine that the only Conference Championship Game that was reported played was the Class C PVC Conference Championship between Penquis and Houlton.

The KVAC B Conference Championship game and the KVAC A Conference Chanpionship was cancelled due to bad weather.

The fact that there are conference championships to determine the conference chanpionships brings up the following problem. Should teams play the games for real and play to win?

When my teams were involved in conference championship games we played to win. If teams do not plan on playing to win, but instead to use it as a tuneup game for the post season then there should be no admission charge.

The worry that a key player might get hurt is bogus. The chances of getting hurt before the tourney are more apt to happen in practice then a conference championship game.

Also, the worry that other teams may scout you is also an excuse not to play, as teams today trade game tapes on a regular basis.

If conferences use these games as fund raisers then the teams playing should be instructed to play to win, or don’t charge admission or don’t play the games at all.

Most teams are looking for scrimmages during the week before the vacation tourney week, so that is why I liked having a chance to play oin a conference championship game.