Predicted Snow Storm Could Raise Havoc With High School Basketball

Schools are all down to just one game remaining on their schedules and those that did not move Friday, February 9th’s games to tonight are flirting with a scheudling nightmare.

If they can’t play Friday and they can’t play Saturday to make up for Friday Night and the MPA does not allow for Sunday contestes then and the Heal Points are done on Sunday for the Prelims on Tuesday and Wednesday, then there is a big problem that did not have to happen.

Let’s say that some schools do not get their games in Friday or Saturday.

Then here are some options the MPA could look at.

1. Both teams suffer losses by forfeit for not getting the games in on Thursday nite.
2. PLay the games on Monday, do the Heal Points after the games on Monday night and play the prelims as scheduled on Tuesday and Wednseday.
3. Play the games on Monday night, do the Heals on Tuesday and play all the prelim games on Wednesday if there are enough officials because remember these prelim games are all 3 official games.
4. Same scenario as 3, but play the prelims on Wednesday and Thursday, even though some tournies start on Friday.

However, all could have been taken care of if all games were played on today.

Maybe the MPA should have stepped in and told teams that if they don’t play on Thursday night and do not get the games in on Friday or Saturday then both teams would suffer losses or the team that does not want to play tonight forfeits the game to the team that is willing to play tonight.