Bangor Y Holding Inhouse Basketball Day at the Bangor Auditorium

The Bangor Y is holding an inhouse program day at the Bangor Auditorium on Sunday, February 10. This will give Y basketball players a chance to play at the auditorium if they never have before and it certainly will allow for Mens League Players who have played there, one last chance to play at the Auditorium.

It is called The Quirk Auto Classic

The schedule is as follows:

8:00am Grades 1-2
9:30am Grades 1-2
10:30am Grades 3-4 Semi-Final
12:00n Grades 3-4 Semi-Final
1:30pm Grades 5-6 Semi Final
2:30pm Grades 5-6 Semi-Final
4:00pm Grades 3-4 Championship
5:30pm Grades 5-6 Championship
Mens League Games Regular Season Games
6:30pm CSU-Bangor vs. Green Team
7:30pm Old Town Canoe vs. Results
8:30pm Radigan Mechanical vs. Kenny Sting
9:30pm Swagger House vs. Pour House

There will be an admission charge of $3.00
for adults and $2.00 for students