Week of Feb 3-9 Basketball Joke of the Week

St. Peter and Satan were on the phone talking about basketball.

They got to bragging about all the great players and coaches that they had at their sites.

Satan suggested that they arrange a game to break up the boredom of eternity.

St. Peter said he would have to talk to the Commissioner.

The commissioner said that he would approve it but with several guidelines that had to be followed.

1. It would not be a home and home series.
2. The game would have to be played in St. Peter’s Air Conditioned Gym
3. They would have a month from the day they signed the game contratc.
4. Satan’s team would get one day off to travel, omne day to play and one day to return home.
The contract was signed.

As his team was practicing St. Peter started to think that his team was going to have a 10-15 point hoime court advantage because Satan’s team would not be prepared to play in the air conditioned gym and also that they had to travel.

So, St. Peter called satan and told him that he didn’t feel right about having a ho,mecourt advantage.

Satan, replied and said, don;’t worry about that as we feel we have a 1-=15 point advantage. St. Peter