Should MPA go the Winning Percentages of .500 or Better To Qualify for Prelim Rd?

Again this season 2/3rds or 66.7% of teams in each class will make the prelim round or get automatic byes, depending on where they finish.

For example, in boys class A there are 14 teams and 8-9 playoff to see who gets to travel to Hampden.

IN Class B 13 teams of the 19 get to post season.

The MPA used to go by the 50% rule or 8 teams if there were less than 15 teams in a class.

The MPA went to an Open tournament where all teams made the tournament.

Then they went back to 50% and now they are back to 66.7%.

Many states use the winning percentage to determine the teams. Some states say teams have to win 65% of their games to make the playoffs.

If a team is .500 or better then they should make the playoffs.

Heal points are not fair and equal or even unless each team in a class plays an identical schedule.

Many teams have weak heal point schedules because of their Class and because of their location.

This year many teams may qualify for the prelim rounds with losing records of below .500.

If teams can survive injuries, weak schedules, sickness, etc. and can finish 9-9 or better then they deserve to make the playoffs.

For example there is one girls team that has won only 1 game so far this season and they are still in the hunt for a prelim playoff position.