Key Games for Boys Teams to Make the Prelim Round

There will be a lot of scoreboard watching tonight and the rest of the last week of the high school basketball season. Teams, and Fans will be watching with one eye on the results of the teams that they have beaten so far this season as well as one eye on the game they are playing for additional heal points.

Most of the teams have played 15 games so far as of today, which means they have 3 games remaining to gather the needed heal points to guarantree themselves a spot in the prelim round.

There are close races for those last spots in each of the Boys classes A B C D.

In class A Brewer 7-8 with 28 tournament points and Mt. Aarat 6-9 with 27 Heal points are battling for that 9th spot.
9 of the 14 A teams make post season play.

In Class B four teams are bunched together. All four of the teams are 7-8 with Hermon in 11th with 47 points, WA in 12th with 44 points, Belfast tied at 13th with 41 with Gardner at 41. 13 of the B teams make the post season.

In class C 4 teams are in the hunt. GSA currently in 10th with 29 points, followed by Orono in 11th with 19, PCHS with 18 and Searsport with 14. 11 of the C teams make the post season.

In class D 4 teams are all in the race, with Van Buren at 5-10 with 17 points at 13th, Woodland 7-7 tied with Schenck 5-10 with 15 points at 14th and Ashland 5-10 in 16th.
15 of the D teams make the post season.

Teams make the prelim round if they finish in 2/3rds or 66/7% of the teams in their class. Some teams get byes depending upon the number of teams in the class they compete in.

The low seeded teams are on the road in all the prelim games.

Last countable games are a week from tonight on February 8th. Prelims start the following Wednesday, Feb. 13 and the Tourney opens for B’s on Friday, Feb. 15th.